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Vape STLTH is a convenient and modern alternative to cigarettes

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The new vape from Canadian vape is just as good and easy. And also – environmentally friendly and practical.

The present world dictates new rules in all spheres of life. Daedals prioritize new ways of smoking more than humans. A novelty from Canada, the STLTH vape, has arrived in Ukraine. It is a very simple and effective alternative to traditional cigarettes for adult chickens. However, it is environmentally friendly, although the Canadian virobnik cannot be set up in the right middle ground.

What is STLTH vape?

This viparnik, intended for adults, consists of three parts: a battery, a cartridge and a USB cable. The leather cartridge, also called hearth, replaces the patented source of nicotine for electronic appliances based on salt. The battery is recharged with an additional USB charger – it takes less than a second year to recharge.

The attachment is simple and easy to use, the skin part is easy to fit one by one.

“Cartridges are refilled, selected and packaged at the factory in Ontario, Canada. The brightness of the skin cartridge is highly controlled. The company that manufactures only quality materials and proudly declares the highest level of quality of its products,” said Ivan Darkov, General Director Stealth Vape Ukraine.

Virobnik offers 17 unique flavors – 12 original and five in the X line.

“Due to the increasing popularity of disposable products for vaping, as a revenge for a lithium-ion battery, they turned to smіtnik after victoria, the company failed to develop an alternative, which would be small and less soft injection into the vacant positions of the Darrens,”

Unique X-cartridges have been expanded to provide additional flavor and flow. The same two officials make disposable vaping products popular with smokers. But there is no need to choose between productivity and less damage for the required medium – STLTH X propagates those and those. The device guarantees the best betting rate with a strong taste, and the tight 470 mAh battery guarantees a safe win.

STLTH mission vape

“We pragnemically give old chickens a viable alternative to the best cigarettes. For all that, we can’t afford the big tobacco companies,” company officials added. A group of entrants fell asleep, all of them a lot of chickens. Being familiar with vaping products for ten years helped the founders become familiar with traditional cigarettes. Tsey dosvіd, what a change in life, confirming the belief in the potential of the vaping system. And for vaping systems to win over mature smokers, the vaping must be practical, accessible and efficient.

“In the context of today, the Canadian central office of the company has chosen another goal for itself – to promote Ukraine, ensure the payment of taxes from the state budget, and also promotes not only a low, but also an affordable product, ”says Ivan Darkov.

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So, a package of two cartridges costs 290 hryvnias, the attachment itself costs 299 hryvnias.

Source: korrespondent

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