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The dollar exchange rate rose slightly at exchange offices

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The average cash dollar selling rate rose to 39.55 hryvnia, and the euro exchange rate fell to 42.75 hryvnia.

The exchange rate of the hryvnia against the dollar is falling at the beginning of the new working week. RBC-Ukraine reported this in connection with market monitoring data on Monday, April 15.

So, the average cash dollar selling rate increased by 5 kopecks to UAH 39.55, the euro exchange rate fell by 15 kopecks to UAH 42.75.

Today, exchange offices buy dollars for an average of 39.05 UAH, and euros for 42.05 UAH.

In the interbank market, the American currency is at the level of 39.30-39.32 UAH/dollar (buying and selling) – an increase of 7 kopecks compared to the previous day’s close.

Remind us that on April 12, the National Bank of Ukraine increased the dollar to hryvnia exchange rate for the fifth day in a row, after which the historical maximum was updated – UAH 39.399 (+0.2314 UAH). The highest rate was on March 27 – 39.343 UAH/dollar. In turn, the euro exchange rate today is 41.9678 UAH (-0.0512 UAH).

Earlier, the National Bank named the reasons for the recent increase in the dollar’s exchange rate. During the month, the exchange rate of the American currency updated records more than once.

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Source: korrespondent

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