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Stress, war and beauty

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Interview with cosmetologist, Limarchenko Oleksandra Valeriivna

War is a low tragic event that leaves a mark on a person’s skin. Somehow it is undesirable, in the light of constant shelling, to talk about those who the war does not compromise life, health and peace of mind, and even affects the largest organ of a person – the skin . When we are together, Ukrainians often talk about how we grow old during the war, how our politicians, people we know, and ourselves grow old in our time.

In the modern civilized world, partly in Ukraine, it is fashionable for mothers to look healthy. What does everyday cosmetology and dermatology teach to improve the quality of life of people who suffered during the war? Speaking on the nutritional course in an interview with a certified cosmetologist, dermatologist, Oleksandry Valerievna Limarchenko.

Oleksandra Valerievna Limarchenko, director and founder of the network of centers for dermatology, laser and injectable cosmetology Celebrity” (centers operate in the cities of Kiev, Cherkasy, Smila).

Practicing doctor – cosmetologist, dermatologist.

I have knowledge of music, legal and medical.

Mother of three children.

Oleksandra Valerievno, how did cosmetologists come from musicians and lawyers?

After I entered the 9th grade before the music school, then the legal institution and work in the field of assessment, I will have evidence in the agricultural business, or the so-called “to know and implement”, for me, as it happened. , even in the medical field. When I realized this, I graduated from medical college, and then from medical school. Today, my creativity is expressed in cosmetology – I create beauty, harmonious people, improving their appearance and, as a result, inside, enhancing individuality.

What is the purpose of everyday cosmetology?

Now cosmetology can be richer! Headaches are approached seriously about all medical aspects. When patients come to us with skin and hair problems, we find the cause is not enough, if necessary, it is necessary to fasten the blood, biochemistry, hormones to eliminate the underlying cause, and not endlessly treat the results.

And, of course, to slow down the development of technology. Such a laser does not possess – it is space! The “Celebrity” skin center has modern laser devices that allow us to solve the problems of age-related changes, cosmetic defects, inherited injuries, many of which until recently beyond the power of operation.

The war changed all areas of our lives. How did he attack Celebrity?

This war affects each and every one of us. So, in other words, it will not pass without a trace for anyone. War means stress, and therefore we constantly have cortisol levels. Moreover, it is not worse for our military personnel, but for civilians. As a mother’s stress response, in times of stress, anxiety can be greater than that of a soldier on the front line. Against the psycho-emotional background, dermatitis develops and appears as rosacea. With high nervous tension, the work of mimetic pain is strengthened – the stench does not relax and, as a result, wrinkles appear. People recognize each other and shout about the same changes they have in other people – wrinkles, dark complexion, blue eyes – all the results of stress.

It’s really bad that high cortisol comes out of the hair – flowing through the hair wall, the cortisol causes the hair follicle to bleed. Today, a large number of patients suffer from alopecia – hair that wanders around, which can appear on the scalp, hair, and hair follicles. People are especially cool at this point.

To solve this problem using vicoristic laser techniques, pharmaceutical preparations are used that help renew hair growth.

Okrema’s subject is the legacy of injuries, wounds. At Celebrity centers, military personnel who have undergone combat operations undergo rehabilitation. With the help of laser methods, we can significantly color the skin, and sometimes remove the results from the area.

How many people are growing up being supplied by beauty clinics?

So, I’m wary of the growing demand for men’s cosmetology services, but we still have a plan ahead of it! For women, it is important to take care of themselves, undergo cosmetic procedures, and men are afraid of being judged. Although, this is a deeply stale and listless boar. Ale vіn lives under the jurisdiction of marriage and I have male clients who must undergo cosmetic procedures, lest they return home from their homeland! Therefore, I urge my patients to bring them to the clinic. People continue to endure mental and physical pressures, they have more anxiety, more stress, and at the same time war! Marvel at the cosmetology market – out of captivity under women. All we can say is that a woman needs to take care of herself, to maintain her beauty! However, a person can feel better emotionally when he looks at a young and fit person in front of the mirror. If you love your man, help him lose his youth for a long time! And I want to tell people that daily laser and injective cosmetology does not remove important traces, so you can undergo effective procedures that preserve beauty and youth and do not be afraid of what you want to mark! Here the main thing is professionalism and evidence from the doctor – people have different facial expressions, different levels of fatty tissue, which requires mothers to confirm their work with patients – people.

What techniques do you struggle with the most?

One of the most popular procedures for both men and women is botulinum toxin injections. This is really a very effective method that allows you to get rid of wrinkles and feel completely rejuvenated. Before speaking, in Ukraine, few people know that botulinum toxin injections help not only to get a cold, but also to stagnate a migraine. This method is widely used in the United States, and many people who suffer from migraine often take pills that break down the liver, and injections of botulinum toxin in most of the head help relieve migraine pain. . Behind the border, such a procedure is more expensive, even in Ukraine, and in our Celebrity centers there are patients who come to us for botulinum toxin injection from the USA.

Another popular procedure is laser blepharoplasty. Men, like women, have less subcutaneous fat. This leads to the development of blue, deep wrinkles, wrinkles in the sub-fossa area, and also through inflammation of the vagina, floating lids appear on top. We all look tired and age. Laser blepharoplasty allows you to quickly remove sagging skin flaps, straighten the skin, and give your eyes a fresh, youthful look in just a few procedures. When changing from surgical blepharoplasty, the post-laser period lasts a few days and leaves no visible traces. And people often encourage themselves in procedures to rejuvenate themselves, through fear of not noticing the visible signs of treatment by a doctor – a cosmetologist. This is how contour plastic surgery is most effective in human cosmetology. Contour plastic procedures allow you to achieve a beautiful, contoured face.

For people in the business world, it’s very important to look after your hands – you don’t wear them under your clothes, the stench attracts respect. As the skin on the hands fades, people experience skeletonization of the hands, which is why hand rejuvenation procedures are always more popular among business people. After the war, people will go back to business, wear old clothes, and keep their hands on the table in negotiations. And our laser and injection techniques, which miraculously cope with old changes and scars, will help people to give their hands a better look.

Oleksandra Valerievna, a doctor, was very important for the wartime and postwar profession. Do you understand the importance of a cosmetologist in times like these?

Big! I have already said that Celebrity centers run rehabilitation programs for military personnel. I can see how our children want to go back to their normal selves. These are the young people who have a future, and we can help them reduce the legacy of war.

In the future, let’s add, it is psychologically important for people regardless of the situation – it improves mood, self-esteem, and contributes to emotional well-being. I work not only from the outside of the patient, but I am constantly attuned to his psychological state and I know for sure about the infusion of the mirror image into the reality of life! Therefore, be young and beautiful, the current world has all the possibilities for that!

While the interview was being prepared, a new center for dermatology, laser and injectable cosmetology “Celebrity” was opened near the city of Kiev, at 17 Mykhailivsky Provulok.

Celebrity Center near Kiev City

How it happened: a new introduction to the Celebrity center in the very center of the capital

Order N191 of the Ministry of Education and Science dated January 01, 2022 on the licensing of medical practice, registration dossier 221/22/m

Source: korrespondent

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