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Las Bambas back to work 100% after social conflicts

The Las Bambas mine provides nearly 80% of Apurímac’s GDP. | Fountain: Andean

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The Las Bambas mine, located in Apurimac, fully resumed operations a week ago after being paralyzed due to social conflicts.

In early February, the mining company announced a halt due to a lack of supplies due to the blockade of the Southern Mining Corridor.

After more than 40 days of detention, last week the blockade was lifted in the Velil district in Chumbivilcas province, where traffic was blocked on a section of the road. Southern Mining CorridorTherefore, the transportation of metals was resumed from Saturday, March 11.

The company now indicates that it will work to phase out copper concentrate stocks that are waiting to be shipped to the port of Matarani (Arequipa) for export.

As they clarify booty records accumulation of copper concentrates due to the fact that what was available in 2022 could not be fully exported.

Despite the first blockages recorded in December 2022, production was maintained until early February, the month when work was halted due to the inability to supply materials to continue work.

It should be noted that Las Bambas is the fourth major copper mine in Peru, accounting for about 1% of the national GDP.

Source: RPP

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