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Rain emergency: Labor minister announces 9,000 temporary jobs for affected population

Mayors of cities such as Ate, Chaclacayo Lurigancho Chosika and Santa Eulalia have already signed an agreement to create temporary jobs. | Fountain: Andean

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Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion Alfonso Adriansen said this Saturday that the Luravi Peru program will bring more 9,000 temporary jobs distributed in 111 districts of 20 regions of the country, within wreaking havoc due to the intense rains that have been recorded in recent weeks.

From Rio Seco areaone of the hardest hit in Cieneguilla, MTPE holder explained that Government decided to apply this measure because, as he explained, most of the victims were from informal sector and they don’t have regular jobs to pay for their houses.

“This is the formula by which central government, from the Department of Labor, transfers funds to local governments so they can be used to employ their neighbors. In this case, in an emergency situation, an attempt is being made to ensure that this transmission goes directly to people who have been affected by the rains and who also need to work,” he explained.

“Many of them work informally and do not have a boss; so they will need jobs soon to deliver food home,” he added.

In previous statements to the agency AndeanAdriansen explained that temporary jobs will be associated, in particular, with the cleaning of streets and sidewalks. “They are neighbors themselves, but they are already getting paid,” he repeated.


Recently, the mayors of Ate, Chaclacayo, Lurigancho Chosica and Santa Eulalia signed an agreement with Program Executive Director Luravi Peru, Ruben Neirato indicate the transfer of one million 248,000 MTPE salts to carry out eight immediate intervention activities that generate about 300 temporary jobs in these areas affected by heavy rainfall.

“We are confident that, as local governments, they are ensuring the proper use of these resources by quickly implementing activities and identifying residents in their jurisdiction affected by devastating heavy rains so that they can participate in unprofitable labour. qualified,” Adriansen said.

Mayor Lurigancho Chosika, Osvaldo Vargas, thanked the MTPE for intervention to clear the La Ronda and Santo Domingo Gorges. For his part, Franco Vidal, Mayor of Ate, stressed that the beneficiaries would be the residents of the Pariachi area.

In total, Lurawi Peru plans to create about 9,352 temporary jobs for the most vulnerable in more than 100 areas of the country declared under a state of emergency due to heavy rains, by funding 211 immediate interventions with a transfer budget. in the amount of 32 million 916 thousand soles.

Source: RPP

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