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Seven EU countries oppose the ban on ICE vehicles

A group of countries wants a separate category of ICE vehicles that can run on carbon-neutral synthetic fuel.

Seven countries in the European Union have formed an informal alliance to fight the planned phase-out of internal combustion engines from 2035. This was reported by Ukraine’s driving with reference to Reuters.

Last year, the European Parliament and the EU Commission decided to phase out internal combustion engines for passenger cars. From 2035, all new cars on European markets must have zero CO2 emissions.

The transport ministers of the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia met on March 13 and discussed a decision that should greatly affect industry, unemployment and automakers.

German Transport Minister Volker Wissing said a group of countries wants a separate category of internal combustion engine vehicles that can run on carbon-neutral synthetic fuels after 2035. A corresponding demand is submitted to the EU Commission.

“Banning an internal combustion engine when it can work in a climate-neutral way seems to us to be the wrong approach,” said Wissing, noting that the approved EU plan needs to be changed urgently.

Remember that earlier experts said that electric cars are more harmful to the environment than traditional cars. The production of electric cars emits more carbon dioxide than the production of traditional combustion engine cars.

Freedom from Putin. The EU rejects cars with internal combustion engines

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