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Dollar in Peru: the exchange rate rose on March 13

The dollar closed higher due to investors’ fears about the bankruptcy of Silicon Valley Bank. | Fountain: Andean

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Today, Monday 13 March, the price for dollar in Peru it resumed its upward trend.

Further know exchange rate in the interbank market and the purchase-sale price in exchange offices, exchange offices and financial institutions.

How much is a dollar worth in Peru today

Average price for dollar at the interbank level, it rose from 3.78 to 3.79 spires, according to the Central Reserve Bank.BCR).

According to Reuters, this increase is due to the fears of investors in the international financial market after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

Despite the recent increase, the price of a green ticket in Peru is still slightly cheaper than at the end of 2022.

Dollar price for buying and selling

depending on the platform how much is a dollar.neToday money changers they buy the dollar at S/3.78 and sell it at S/3.81 on average.

V digital exchange offices It is estimated that a green ticket is bought for around SGD 3.78 and sold for around SGD 3.81.

It should be mentioned that this price in dollars It will remain in this range until the next day at 09:00, when the exchange market starts again at

Source: RPP

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