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Car sales in Russia fell by 60% in one year

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Russia’s automotive industry has been one of the most affected sectors of the economy due to Western sanctions.

Car sales in Russia fell by 58.8% in 2022. At the same time, December sales fell by 50.2% or 64,529 units, the Association of European Businesses reported on Thursday, January 12.

“In 2022, the automotive market decreased by 58.8%, or by 979,410 units of new vehicles sold, compared to 2021. In 2022, in January-December, a total of 687,370 vehicles were sold,” the message said.

According to the results of 2-22 years, the most popular brands in Russia are Lada (188,645 units, -46%), Kia (66,095 units, -68%) and Hyundai (54,811 units, -67%).

As you know, the Russian automotive industry has been one of the most affected sectors of the economy due to Western sanctions imposed after the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine in February.

Over the past year, the car market in Russia has become almost 80% Chinese. During the war in Ukraine, almost 80% of car brands left Russia – from 60 to 14: three of them were Russian, and the rest were Chinese.

It was also reported that the new Russian Muscovites is a copy of the Chinese crossover JAC JS4. And right now we are only talking about the SKD meeting.

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