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Weather for Tuesday, December 13: Snow and ice, 9 departments are on orange alert

This Tuesday, December 13, the weather is snowy and cold, as reported by La Chaîne Météo*. Ice and snow is expected in the Central East in the morning, and persistent cold in the northern half. In the evening and next night, new snowfall is expected in the north-west of France. In the east of France, nine departments are on orange alert.

Weather in your area

In the south, especially in the southwest, significantly milder weather is expected, with 11° to 12°C in the Garonne Valley. We are talking about a mass of cold air that descends from Northern Europe. Meanwhile, milder and wetter air arrives from the southern Bay of Biscay and the Iberian Peninsula on Monday.

To the northwest

The weather remains cold and rather cloudy. Morning frost is widespread, but less than in recent days. Overcast skies over western Brittany in the afternoon before a rainy and snowy disturbance in the evening and night. -3 to 5°C is expected in this region.

In Ile-de-France and Hauts-de-France

The weather does not change, still cold and dry, with widespread morning frosts, sometimes in rural areas. Beautiful clearings develop during the day, but the temperature is barely positive. Light snow will fall in Ile de France next night.

in Normandy

The weather remains dry and cold with cloudy weather. Coastal snow has ended but be careful as a new disturbance from Brittany in the evening brings snow, first to the English Channel, spreading across the region next night, especially Lower Normandy.

To the northeast

The weather is cold and fairly clear with severe frosts. Quite often it won’t melt all day despite nice dilutions. Snowy weather will be observed in the south of the region, especially in the afternoon.

In the Central East

In the morning, snow is still in place in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, even on the plains of the northern half of the region, on the borders of Franche-Comté, while towards Vere-Loire and the middle Rhône valley, rain replaces snow. by slow melting. Precipitation is limited east of the Rhône and the Saône during the day, the elevation of the rain and snow limit being around 600m. Again, the mercury does not exceed 5°C.

In the southwest

In the morning the weather south of the Garonne is much milder, while between Charents and Limousin it is still quite cold with snow on the ground. During the day, the weather will be very cloudy. The temperature can rise up to 12°C.

In the south-east

The weather is gloomy, rainy and milder. In the Southern Alps it snows at altitudes of 1300-1400m, and on the Languedoc-Roussillon side the weather is drier but very cloudy. Corsica maintains changeable and milder weather than the previous day.

*Weather Channel is the property of Figaro Group.

Source: Le Figaro

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