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War in Ukraine. The US would restrain the Fools so that Kiev would not attack Russia

Help Ukraine, yes, but not in every way. Since the start of the war, the US has supplied Kiev with 20 HIMARS (Highly Mobile Artillery Missile System), a formidable multiple rocket launcher aimed at the Russian military with a range of about 80 kilometers. But according to Wall Street Journal , the Pentagon would modify those weapon systems before sending them into battle. The goal? To prevent Ukraine from attacking Russian territory and thereby escalating the conflict.

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In detail, the American officials cited by our partners note that the HIMARS delivered to Kiev cannot launch the ATACMS missiles (Army Tactical Missile System), which Washington did not supply, but which Ukraine could acquire from another country. These projectiles can reach a target more than 300 kilometers away and therefore easily target Russian territories. These changes also apply to any other long-range missiles that Ukraine may purchase or even manufacture.

A promise from Zelensky

has been contacted Wall Street JournalThe White House and Pentagon declined to comment on these changes, which could be related to the hardware or software itself. “For operational security reasons, we do not publicly comment on the configuration of systems provided to allies and partners.,” tweeted Brigadier General (equivalent to one-star general) Patrick Ryder, a Pentagon spokesman.

But before delivering those weapons, the United States received an official promise from President Volodymyr Zelensky that the delivered HIMARS would not be used to strike targets in Russian territory. In mid-September, the spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marie Zakharova, also sent a clear warning to the US in this regard.If Washington decides to offer long-range weapons to Kiev, the US will cross the red line and become part of the conflict.“.

Many hits in Russia

These revelations come at a time when Ukraine has been regularly striking Russian territory in recent months. In late July, then in October, Crimea was targeted and reached by Ukrainian artillery. Drone attacks deepened on Monday, hitting two air bases in central Russia. On Tuesday, the governor of the neighboring Kursk region of Ukraine also noted.drone attack on the airport areaof this city, during which an oil storage tank allegedly caught fire without causing any casualties.

A short time later, the United States fully condemned those strikes on Russian territory. “We do not encourage or help Ukraine to strike RussiaThis is what Antony Blinken, head of American diplomacy, announced to the press. And add:What we have decided to do is ensure that they have at hand (with the help of many other partners around the world) the equipment they need to protect themselves, their territory and their freedom.“.

Source: Le Figaro

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