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One person was injured by a “letter bomb” at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid

An employee of the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid was injured | Font: AFP or licensors | Photographer: OSCAR DEL POSO

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An employee of the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid was injured from “soft temper”by” deflagration ” letter bomb was intended for the ambassador, which prompted Kyiv to order increased security in all its diplomatic missions.

“About 13:00 today (07:00 Peruvian time) National Police received a notification about a fire at the Embassy of Ukraine in Kyiv Madrid. The same thing happened when one of the embassy employees handed over the letter,” police sources told AFP.

“The worker was injured, lightly at first, and went to the hospital on his own,” they continued.

” National Police The facts are already being investigated with the participation of the Scientific Police,” they added.

According to AFP journalists who arrived at the scene, the police set up a cordon around the building. embassylocated in a residential area Madrid. A police van blocked access to the street, and numerous agents and firefighters were on duty in the area.

In a statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain foreign affairsJose Manuel Albarez said he had been in touch with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmitry Kuleba, as well as with the Ambassador Ukraine in Spain to inquire about the state of health of the affected employee and express their “support and solidarity” after this “attack”.

enhanced security

After the explosion on letter bomb, Ukraine He ordered “strengthened security” of all his embassies.

“Minister Dmytro Kuleba ordered to strengthen the security of all Ukrainian embassies. He also asked the Spanish authorities to urgently investigate this attackThis was announced on Twitter by the official representative of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Oleg Nikolenko.

According to the delegate of the government of the region, Mr. MadridMercedes Gonzalez, the injured worker, was the security officer at the embassy, ​​who was surprised to open a letter “addressed to the ambassador himself” and brought by “a postman who goes to the embassy every day.”

“The person in charge of security, who usually opens correspondence (…), proceeded to open this envelope in the garden embassywhen there was an explosion that left him with a “small wound on his right arm,” González explained to local television Telemadrid.

First Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February.Spanish socialist government Pedro Sanchez it has sent aid, especially military aid, to Kyiv or, more recently, sent power generators to counter Russian attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Sanchez traveled in April to Kyiv express our solidarity with the Government of the President Vladimir Zelensky.


Source: RPP

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