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Results of 26.09: Not the last and a blow to Pervomaisk

Victory over Russia would not be final, it would give time to prepare for a new war; The Russians launched rocket attacks on Pervomaisk in the Kharkov region. Athletistic highlights yesterday’s key events.

Russia will not stop even after the defeat, Zaluzhny said

The current war with Russia is not the last, said Valeriy Zaluzhny, Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He believed that the defeat of the Russian Federation in this war was an opportunity to prepare for the next attack of the Russian Federation.

Zaluzhny also said that he studied with the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, General Valery Gerasimov, and reread everything he had written.

The Russian army hits Pervomaisk

As a result of a missile strike by Russian aggressors in the city of Pervomaisky in the Kharkiv region, seven people were killed, including a 15-year-old child. Due to the impact, private houses were destroyed.

Ukraine increases grain exports by sea

From the ports of Odessa, the grain of the new crop is already being sent abroad, said Sergey Bratchuk, a representative of the Odessa Regional Military Administration. At the same time, he noted that the pre-war grain transshipment volume is unlikely to be achieved in the near future. Bratchuk also said that now the farmers are harvesting buckwheat, sunflower, millet and conducting sowing campaign.

Ukraine’s economy has been different

The war became a factor in accelerating the export of dairy products to Ukraine. Also, the country began to actively develop meat production, the sphere of alternative energy sources and the processing of grain crops. This was said by the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Taras Vysotsky. The number of industrial pig and poultry breeding in the country is also increasing. Ukrainian farmers also invest in bioenergy.

Protests against the mobilization continued in Dagestan

The largest number of people in the protests gathered in the capital of the republic, Makhachkala. Several hundred people gathered in the city center. There were mass clashes between protesters and police in the square. It is known about 20 detainees.

Students shot in Russia

In the capital of Russian Udmurtia – Izhevsk – a man opened fire in a school. The shooter first shot the guard and then started shooting the children. The children hid in the classrooms. The attacker fired two Makarov pistols.

The shooting killed 13 people, including seven children. Law enforcement officials have identified the man as Artem Kazantsev. He is 34 years old and graduated from school No. 88.

Prigozhin admitted that PMC Wagner was his creation

Russian businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, close to the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, admitted that in 2014 he created a private military company (PMC) Wagner. Prigozhin also acknowledged that “Wagnerites” fought in Donbass, Syria, Africa, Latin America and Arab countries.

Children die in high numbers in Pakistan

The flooding, triggered by record monsoon rains and melting glaciers in Pakistan’s northern mountains, has already killed nearly 1,600 people, more than a third of them children, and affected some 33 million others. Almost all deaths are caused by diseases related to water pollution.

The losses of the world economy due to the war are known

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will cost the global economy $2.8 trillion by the end of next year. In particular, the war unleashed by the Russian Federation led to a jump in energy prices, which led to a decrease in household incomes and undermined the confidence of the business community. The war disrupted supply chains, causing shortages of food and other essential needs.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke about “referendums” in Ukraine

The so-called “referendum” in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine is just a fiction. Ukrainians have the right to reclaim their lands and restore the legal borders of the state. This is what US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said. He emphasized that this merger would never be recognized.

An accident was recorded on Nord Stream 2

The Nord Stream 2 onshore site controller recorded a severe pressure drop in line A. The Danish Maritime Authority reported a gas leak off the coast of the island of Bornholm just outside the country’s territorial waters, in the exclusive economic zone of Denmark. Vessels are advised to bypass the emergency area within 5 miles.

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