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Zelensky: Russia does not realize the brutality of its power

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The ongoing attempt of the Russian offensive in the Donetsk region will certainly go down in the history of wars as one of the most cynical killings of their own soldiers, believes the President of Ukraine.

Despite the obvious absurdity of the war for Russia and the loss of initiative of the conquerors, the Russian military command still drives them to their death. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky spoke about this in a speech on the evening of Monday, September 26.

“The ongoing Russian offensive attempt in the Donetsk region will surely go down in the history of wars as one of the most cynical murders of their own soldiers. When we see this, when we see the offensives this, we are once again convinced that Russia’s mobilization is a sincere attempt to provide commanders on the ground with a constant stream of “cannon fodder.” There is no other meaning in Russia’s mobilization,” Zelensky said.

The President of Ukraine said that the Russian society is not yet aware of all the brutality of the Russian government against its own people.

“They felt that they were going to lose, and they were just trying to postpone this moment, to ensure at least some activity at the front, to put at least one person with weapons in their hands instead of dead. Unfortunately, the Russian society has not yet realized all the cruelty of the Russian authorities against our own people. But we must do everything so that every Russian citizen admits that his own state takes away from him the most important thing – the right to life,” said Zelensky.

Recall that the losses of the aggressor country since the beginning of the war against Ukraine amounted to 57,200 people.

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