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The German ambassador announced a new Iris-T complex for Ukraine

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Berlin will transfer the next air defense system to Kyiv in May, Martin Jäger said.

Ukraine will have another German air defense system, Iris-T, in May. German support will be developed in line with Ukraine’s needs. This was announced by the German Ambassador in Kyiv, Martin Jäger, in a telethon. Something new.

“We now see the greatest need for air defense, look at the energy system, the massively damaged energy supply now we are helping to restore the energy infrastructure, taking into account the winter,” he said.

The diplomat assured that if Ukraine does not have a sufficient number of air defense systems, it will be very difficult for it to repel future attacks.

“So we decided to do more than now in the air defense sector. We already have two Patriot systems in the country, and we will bring here another third system. It is not easy for us because we have responsibility to NATO And this means that 25% of our Patriots are in Ukraine,” Yeger assured.

He added that “no other country in the world gives so much.”

“However, in addition to the Patriot systems, there is also the Iris-T system that is already here, and now, in May, another system will arrive. In addition, we promised Ukraine that we will come this year and again in 2026 We will provide new such systems,” recalled the ambassador.

As it is known, Germany will transfer to Ukraine an additional Patriot air defense system – the third since the beginning of a large-scale war. The information was confirmed by President Vladimir Zelensky after a conversation with Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The manufacturer Iris-T confirmed the transfer of a new air defense system to Ukraine
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