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Kuleba estimated the NATO initiative at $100 billion for Ukraine

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Now NATO does not have the tools to provide Ukraine with 100 billion euros of aid over four years, Kuleba believes.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that NATO currently does not have the tools available to provide Ukraine with 100 billion euros in aid over four years. He said this after 15 meetings with colleagues at NATO headquarters and a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Council, reports Radio Liberty.

“NATO is now trying to raise 500 million dollars a year for an aid package. That means the current funding model has no chance for the initiative, because they cannot raise 500 million, so they will have to collect 20 billion. In the current model. But “, if it is possible to calculate the form of mandatory participation of everyone in financing, then this idea has the right to exist and an opportunity for implementation,” said Kuleba.

As you know, the idea of ​​NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is that we need to find a formula according to which Ukraine will be helped not only on a bilateral basis, but collectively.

“Because what is the situation now – when Jens (Stoltenberg – edit.) says that 90% of aid to Ukraine comes from NATO countries – this is true. And if you take the list of NATO countries, this ninety percent is distributed among a very small number of allies. That’s why he says: let’s distribute fairly, so that everyone systematically makes their contribution according to their budget and their abilities,” said the minister.

Let’s remember that NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg proposed to create a fund for Ukraine in the amount of $100 billion to attract the Alliance to provide arms to Kyiv.

Stoltenberg is also reported to have proposed that NATO members allocate €500 million per year to Ukraine.

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