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In Thailand, hundreds of monkeys staged a showdown

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With the loss of the flow of tourists, the problem of getting food for the city’s monkeys became acute.

Two packs decide to find out who gets a share of the city of Lopburi in Thailand. The monkeys fought at the very intersection opposite the Phra Kan Temple, causing traffic for motorists. The corresponding footage was published online.

The animals ignored the cars and the shouts of people honking their horns. Wall to wall, nerves are strained to the limit, emotions are off the charts. One gang decides to show the other who are the real owners of the city of Lopburi. This is probably the beginning of a good gangster action movie.

Lopburi is not called the city of monkeys for nothing. But if before the pandemic these cute animals were one of the local attractions and delighted tourists, now they are a real problem for the city. Local residents have long been accustomed to the monkeys often engaging in small battles with each other. But this time the scale of the monkey showdown was amazing.

With the loss of the flow of tourists, the problem of getting food for the monkeys in the city has become acute. Monkeys are used to being fed by humans, but now the situation is not in their favor. Now it’s survival of the fittest.

However, the monkey fight started last year. Then the topic of the need to protect animals during the pandemic was raised. But things did not go beyond the conversation, and the monkeys, waiting for tourists, continued to terrorize the city.

We remind you that earlier a monkey escaped from the zoo was walking around Kharkov.

The monkey took an “indecent” selfie on a tourist’s camera
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