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China built a replica of Taiwan’s capital center in the desert – media

Photo: Clash Report

Ten streets were built in the desert, as well as intersections and central squares. In the center is the office of the President of Taiwan.

A replica of the government district of Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, has surfaced at a military training ground in the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. The German publication Bild reported this on Friday, March 29.

Experts analyzed the structure of buildings and streets and found that the military structure was an exact copy of Taipei’s government district.

The structure can be seen in satellite images from Apple and Bing. Many buildings are dummy, there is only one facade. A total of ten streets, as well as intersections and central squares, were recreated in the desert. In the middle is the administration of the President of Taiwan.

It was noted that in such complexes, as a rule, the tactics of conducting urban combat operations are carried out.

China built a replica of Taipei’s government district in the desert. Photo: Bild

It was previously reported that China has sent a record number of military aircraft to Taiwan. Of the 36 aircraft spotted, 13 were crossing the center line of the Taiwan Strait, which separates China from Taiwan.

The head of the US Indo-Pacific Command, John Aquilino, is confident that China is increasing its military capabilities and will be ready to attack Taiwan in 2027.

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Source: korrespondent

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