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Biden made a statement on the strikes in Iraq and Syria

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The strikes on targets by pro-Iranian groups on Friday were just the beginning of a campaign that will span time and space.

US President Joe Biden said that on Friday, February 2, the US armed forces, at his command, launched the first strikes in Iraq and Syria as part of the campaign against pro-Iranian groups in these countries responsible in the attack on a US base in Jordan. The corresponding statement was published on the White House website.

Biden recalled that last Sunday three American soldiers were killed in Jordan by a drone launched by militants supported by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

The US President said he attended a ceremony for the “honorable return of brave Americans” at Dover Air Force Base and spoke with their families.

“This afternoon, on my orders, US forces launched strikes against targets in Iraq and Syria that are being used by the IRGC and associated militias to attack US troops,” Biden announced.

He added that today’s strikes are the beginning of a campaign, and the United States will choose where and when it will continue.

“The United States is not looking for conflict in the Middle East or anywhere else in the world. But let anyone who might try to hurt us know: if you hurt an American, we will respond,” Biden concluded.

The Pentagon said that among the seven sites attacked by US forces, there were 85 targets used by the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

“This is the beginning of our response. The President has ordered additional measures to hold the IRGC and related militias accountable for attacks against US and coalition forces,” Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said in a statement.

He emphasized that the strikes will unfold in time and place.

As reported, on Friday night the United States hit 85 targets in Iraq and Syria.

Let’s recall that on the night of January 28, as a result of a drone air strike on the American military base in Jordan, at least three US military personnel died and many were injured. After that, Republicans called on Biden to strike Iran. Meanwhile, Iran denies any involvement in the attack on the US base.

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