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“Shoigu tricked us.” Storm Z appealed to Putin

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Former prisoners who fought in Ukraine are mass complaining to the Russian president “about the deception of the Russian Ministry of Defense.”

Former prisoners from detachments who returned from the war in Ukraine Storm Z do not accept salaries promised by the authorities, payments for damages and documents on the removal of criminal records. Corresponding video messages to Vladimir Putin are widely distributed on social networks.

“Full benefits package”

Action movies first Storm Z wrote a collective appeal to the president of Russia. In the letter, they noted that during their participation in the war, “they did not receive and did not receive any full wages, combat payments for being on the front line and guaranteed payments for injuries received.” The occupiers also added that they cannot get a certificate for combat veterans, because the military unit does not provide the necessary extracts.

In addition, one of the invaders, 42-year-old Roman Polyakov, who fought in Ukraine in the summer of 2023, told the publication Important Stories that he received many wounds. Polyakov said he could no longer get a job in Russia because of his criminal record.

He complains that during the recruitment period in the colony, the prisoners were promised a “full social package” and equal conditions with other fighters for participating in the war. However, they were not given copies of the contracts, and the contracts themselves turned out not to be documents of the Ministry of Defense, but agreements on participation in a voluntary formation, signed by the head of the self-proclaimed DPR.

According to him, he and other prisoners were promised “full rehabilitation,” that is, the removal of their criminal records, but this did not happen.

“We were deceived by the Ministry of Defense”

Letters and collective appeals from militants Storm Z traditionally remained unnoticed by the Kremlin, so they decided to record a video message to Putin. The former recruits from the colonies for the war in Ukraine once again complained to the President of the Russian Federation about the deception of returning to Russia, that they were not paid the promised salary, were not given certificates and did not fulfill other promises which was done during recruitment in prisons.

These complaints were accompanied by militants from the regions of Chuvashia, Orenburg, Moscow and the capital of Russia itself.

According to former prisoners, they were “deceived” by the Russian Ministry of Defense. They did not receive the promised payments, or compensation for injuries, or “deaths”. In addition, the governor of Chuvashia did not pay them “lifts” in the region.

“All social benefits do not apply to us. While our contract lasted, we were constantly deceived everywhere and our problematic issues were not resolved,” the militants said in the video.

“All is fair”

Let’s remember that the President of the Russian Federation, by his order, actually promises a one-time payment to the Russian military in the amount of three million rubles for damages and five million rubles to their families in case of death of the occupier. In addition, the Kremlin also promised the members of the volunteer formations three million rubles per damage, which led to his dismissal.

However, in response to the military prosecutor’s office of the Rostov-on-Don garrison to one of the former fighters. Storm Z reported that “everything is fair”, because the payments under the presidential order do not apply to former prisoners and amount to only 300 thousand rubles for a serious injury and 50 thousand for a slight injury.

Contract by “pit”

Moreover, former prisoners who signed a six-month contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense are now threatened to extend it, writes the ASTRA Telegram channel. According to the mother of one of the former prisoners, some of the occupiers were placed in a basement for refuseniks in the occupied village of Zaitsevo, Bakhmut district.

The woman complained that her son, while serving his sentence in one of the colonies in the Voronezh region, signed a contract in early May and fought as part of Storm Z. Since September, he and other military personnel have been subjected to threats to extend their contract.

“At first there were 42 people in the squad. Two of them became the 200th, another 28 people were wounded. The remaining regiment commander Yuri Larionov sent them to rest. However, in fact, they were accused of leaving in their positions without permission and taken to the military prison in Zaitsevo. Now I have connections that I am not with,” said the ASTRA interlocutor

Another conqueror, as the public wrote, managed to contact his relatives. He said they were offered two options: sign a contract and move to another unit now, or stay in Zaitsevo and “wait what happens to you next.”

Relatives of former prisoners have traditionally appealed to the administration of the President of the Russian Federation, the military prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee, but have not received a response from them.

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