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American chips found in military equipment of the Russian Federation – media

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The United States is investigating how parts made in 2020 went to Russian equipment.

American chips and parts were found in Russian military equipment used in Ukraine. The United States has launched an investigation, according to The Washington Post.

It noted that electronics from the United States were found on Russia’s radar systems, drones, tanks, ground equipment and coastal ships.

The publication recalls that after the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the United States began asking exporters to obtain licenses before selling chips to the Russian military.

Both old American and Western chips and parts made in 2020 were found in Russian equipment damaged or abandoned in Ukraine.

Export control agents are investigating the FBI, according to reporters. They visit companies that make these parts. According to information from experts, components from 70 companies based in the US and Europe are found in Russian technology.

The Ministry of Commerce said they intended to trace the chain to an American supplier to find out how the parts got into the Russian equipment.

It was previously reported that Taiwan had banned the supply of chips to Russia and Belarus. The provision of certain types of lithographic equipment used for the manufacture of microcircuits is also prohibited.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Online

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