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The State Border Guard Service created groups of “drone hunters”

The State Border Guard Service created groups of “drone hunters”


Squads countering enemy drones operate both close to the contact line and in more distant areas.

The State Border Service has created special combat groups to fight enemy drones. The press service of the department reported this on October 17.

It is noted that the “drone hunters” have the necessary equipment and weapons: machine gun, anti-drone gun, thermal imager, searchlight, laser target designator, etc.

“These fire groups can operate either stationary or hunt enemy drones in high-capacity vehicles. The task of fighters is to protect personnel or important objects, or to stop a drone flying from the territory controlled by Russia in the depths of Ukraine,” the State Border Guard Service said.

As they told the Kramatorsk border detachment, earlier in the evening, targeting and defeating unmanned aerial vehicles was carried out by engine noise, but now the machine guns have been upgraded to laser pointers. Powerful searchlights also help identify dangerous targets in the air.

We remind you that on Monday night, Russian troops attacked Ukraine with six attack UAVs and an X-59 guided missile. All seven enemy air targets were destroyed by the air defense.

Ukraine leases air defense systems – Air Force

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Source: korrespondent

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