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Hungary made an annoying statement to Ukraine

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Official Budapest proposed to the West to “give security guarantees to Russia” and not invite Ukraine to NATO.

Hungary has again made an irritating statement about Ukraine, offering not to bring it into the North Atlantic Alliance and giving Russia security guarantees, reports the Hirado edition.

The annoying statement was made by the head of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s office, Gergely Gulyash.

“The Western world, which supports Ukraine, should provide security guarantees to Russia, but in any case NATO membership to the Ukrainians,” he said.

According to the Hungarian official, the deployment of peacekeepers and other similar decisions will be able to ensure peace in Ukraine for a long time. He is sure that Ukraine will not be able to return the territories occupied by Russia.

In addition, Gulyash said that effective negotiations between Ukraine and Russia can take place only with the participation of the United States. Moreover, in his opinion, the Russian Federation does not threaten Central Europe, because the Russian “did not achieve quick and spectacular results” in Ukraine in the past year and a half.

Recall that the Verkhovna Rada (VR) Commissioner for human rights Dmitry Lubinets said that Hungary violated international humanitarian law by taking Ukrainian hostages from Russia without Ukraine’s knowledge.

As you know, on June 9, Hungary confirmed the transfer of 11 Ukrainian prisoners of war by Russia. This happened without agreement with Ukraine. Later, the Hungarian authorities said that they had nothing to do with the transfer of prisoners, as the church and religious organizations dealt with this issue.

On the eve of the territory of Ukraine, it was possible to take three prisoners of war, who were given by Russia to Hungary.

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