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The leader of Croatia criticized the slogan “Glory to Ukraine”

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The Office of the President advised Milanovich “not to live with the children’s myths of Russian propaganda.”

Croatian President Zoran Milanovic criticized the slogan “Glory to Ukraine”. He, in his opinion, has the same origins as the cry of the Croatian Ustaše, an extreme right-wing group that ran the country during World War II. This is reported by the publication N1.

During the award ceremony of the city of Zagreb, Milanović commented to journalists on the right-wing Ustaše forces’ use of the slogan “Za dom spremni!” (“For home – ready!”), officially banned in Croatia.

“There is no difference between “Ready for home!” and “Glory to Ukraine!” This is an exclamation of the most radical chauvinists of Western Ukraine, who collaborated with the Nazis and killed thousands of Jews, Poles … I don’t want to hear that in Croatia… I’m not interested that there are leaders who are hooked on him. Let them come up with another greeting,” he said.

In response, Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak Twitter gave Milanovic “some modest advice”.

“1. There is no need to live with the infantile myths of Russian propaganda: now it is meaningless … 2. There is no need to be afraid of the right story: it strengthens us … 3. There is no need to ask to the brave people fighting in Ukraine for their freedom and their families who surrendered, if he himself was not ready to defend his land: it’s just a shame. And so… Glory to the Heroes! Always…”, wrote he.

Milanovic has repeatedly made pro-Russian statements in the past. Thus, he said that the Crimea temporarily occupied by Russia “will no longer be Ukraine.” And he also said that Ukraine is not an ally for his state, but they are trying to make it.

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