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Result 26.05: Impact on the Dnieper and a drunken accident of a judge

Photo: National Police

Russia attacks a medical facility on the Dnieper, there are casualties; In Kyiv, a judge beat a National Guardsman to death. Athletistic highlights yesterday’s key events.

Russia attacked a medical facility on the Dnieper, there were victims

Russian aggressors launched a missile attack on the Dnieper, hitting a polyclinic and a veterinary clinic. Two people died, 30 more were injured, including two children – boys aged 3 and 6. A residential quarter, a medical facility, a veterinary clinic and high-rise buildings in the vicinity were destroyed. Also, a missile strike destroyed a branch of one of the medical institutions, where psychiatric care was provided. A day of mourning was declared in Dnipro.

In Kyiv, a judge beat a National Guardsman to death

On May 26, around midnight, a judge driving a car ran over a serviceman of the National Guard of Ukraine. Due to the accident, the National Guardsman died on the spot due to his injuries. According to media reports, we are talking about the head of the Makarovsky District Court, Alexei Tandyr, who was driving while drunk. He is in prison. In the car, the judges found a bottle of wine. He refused to perform an examination of the state of intoxication in a health care institution. However, the court authorized the forced removal of biological samples. The DBR was then informed that biological samples had been taken, and the judge was declared a suspect.

The Russian ship attacked by drones received serious damage – social networks

The Russian reconnaissance ship Ivan Khurs, attacked by naval drones, received serious damage to its hull and equipment. There are probably dead. This was reported by the Russian TG channels. It was noted that the ship has two holes, the repair of which will take at least six months. A rescue ship of the Russian Navy took the stricken ship to Novorossiysk.

Canada to supply AIM-9 anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine

Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand announced that the country will provide Ukraine with 43 AIM-9 short-range air-to-air missiles from the Canadian Armed Forces stockpile free of charge. In addition, Canada is expanding its presence in Poland as part of Operation UNIFIER.

NATO wants to raise the status of Ukraine as a partner – media

NATO members intend to offer Ukraine an updated format of relations to show support for its application for membership, but there is no talk of concrete steps for entering the Ukraine in the alliance in the near future. This was reported by Euracitiv. The publication notes that Ukraine’s application to join NATO remained unanswered, but could become the main topic of the Vilnius summit in July this year. Meanwhile, the idea of ​​raising Ukraine’s status in NATO is gaining support.

The media learned about the Chinese offer to Europe

China’s Special Representative for Eurasian Affairs Li Hui, during his tour of Europe, proposed to leave the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine under Russian control. On Friday, May 26, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing sources. Li Hui is said to have delivered a clear message that “US allies in Europe should assert their autonomy and demand an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine, leaving Russia the parts of its younger neighbor it now occupies. ” In this regard, EU representatives noted that they do not support the freezing of the war, and told the PRC envoy that “it is impossible to separate Europe from America and Europe will not refuse to support Ukraine.”

The European gas market continues to fall in prices, they may fall below zero

Gas prices in Europe continued to fall on the last business day of the week. The price of June futures at the TTF hub in the Netherlands fell to $280 per 1,000 cubic meters. m, or less than 25 EUR/MWh (based on the current exchange rate of EUR/USD, ICE prices are EUR/MWh). This is the lowest price level since May 2021, when Russia first began cutting energy supplies to Europe ahead of its invasion of Ukraine. According to Bloomberg, short-term natural gas prices in Europe could fall below zero this summer if demand does not catch up with supply.

The Ukrainian Navy received a new armored boat

The Ukrainian army received at its disposal a small armored artillery boat Bucha. It will be part of the river flotilla, which was created last year in the Kyiv region. The Commander of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Vice Admiral Alexei Neizhpapa, noted that the river fleet is a necessity at the present time, and now there are two divisions of armored boats on the Dnieper.

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