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Canada will supply Ukraine with nearly 5,000 assault rifles

One million rounds of 5.56 mm caliber and 4,800 machine guns should arrive in Ukraine in the coming weeks.

Canadian authorities will hand over 4,800 assault rifles and one million rounds of ammunition to Ukraine in the coming weeks. This is reported on the Government of Canada website.

This tranche is part of an arms package announced in April.

It is also reported that the delivery of the previously announced package is on schedule.

“Machine guns, assault rifles, cleaning kits and magazines have already been delivered to Ukraine, while 1 million 5.56mm rounds and 4,800 assault rifles should arrive in the coming weeks,” the government said.

In total, this package provided for the transfer of 21,000 small arms and 2.4 million rounds of ammunition for them.

On Friday, it was also reported that Canada will transfer AIM-9 anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine.

Earlier, Canada allocated a new aid package to Ukraine. An estimated $2.5 million was allocated for 40 sniper rifles and ammunition from Prairie Gun Works, about $2 million worth of new radios from L3 Harris for the Leopard 2 tank.

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