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Coalition F-16 and air defense systems. Rammstein results

In Ramstein, they agreed on new military aid packages for Ukraine, as well as F-16 pilot training.

The Contact Group on Defense Issues of Ukraine, which includes almost 50 countries, held its 12th meeting on May 25. This time, the meeting in the Ramstein format was held online. Correspondent.net summary of today’s talks.

Fighter Union

After the meeting, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke in detail about the aviation coalition, which will begin training Ukrainian pilots on F-16 aircraft. According to him, Denmark and the Netherlands will lead the European coalition to conduct training for Ukrainians.

“In the coming weeks, my Danish and Dutch colleagues will work with the US and other allies to develop a framework for the exercise,” Austin said.

He added that Norway, Belgium, Portugal and Poland will join the pilot training later.

“We expect more countries to join the initiative soon,” said the US Secretary of Defense.

Austin added that the program should be ready soon so pilots can begin mastering the F-16 fighter in the coming weeks.

In turn, General Mark Milley, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the F-16 fighters “clearly play a role” in Ukraine’s preparations for a counteroffensive.

Additional air defense systems

Members of the contact group paid special attention to protecting Ukraine from Russian missiles and drones. At the same time, the head of the Pentagon refrained from answering how many F-16 fighter jets the US could provide.

He recalled that since the beginning of May, the Russian Federation has intensified targeted strikes and bombings in peaceful cities. According to him, the brutality of the Kremlin only proves the need for a stronger ground-based air defense architecture in Ukraine.

“Right now, one of Ukraine’s most urgent needs is a ground-based air defense system. And this Contact Group will continue to work to help Ukraine protect its skies … Contact members Group continues to search their stockpiles for missiles and systems they can supply,” said Austin. .

He also noted that at the same time, the US and other allies are working with the private sector to buy NASAMS and other equipment.

“I salute the countries that are looking for ways to meet the urgent needs of the air defense of Ukraine. And we will focus on this work,” added the head of the Pentagon.

Mark Milley added to Austin’s words that Ukraine’s partners are now trying to close its skies in a quick, cheap and effective way.

“When we talk about the F-16, the cost of even a dozen of these fighters is very high. And to fight the Russians in the air, you need to have a lot of fighters. the sky over Ukraine,” he is stressed.

Ammunition and anti-drone equipment

After the meeting of the contact group, several countries announced the provision of new military aid packages to Ukraine. In particular, Finland sends another aid to Kyiv in the amount of 109 million euros. This is the 16th package since the beginning of the war. This includes, in particular, anti-aircraft weapons and ammunition.

For security reasons, no further information on the specific content, method or timing of aid delivery was available, the government said.

Minister of National Defense Lithuania Arvydas Anusauskas also presented a new military aid package to Kyiv at a Ramstein-format meeting. It will contain anti-drone equipment, ammunition, dry food rations and other aid. The total amount of military support for Ukraine from Lithuania will soon reach 465 million euros, Anusauskas recalled.

“Our support for Ukraine is an investment in our own stability, deterrence and defense. Only Ukrainian success will help restore peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic region,” the minister said.

Minister of Defence Sweden Paul Jonsson and Civil Defense Minister Carl Oskar Bolin are on an official visit to Kyiv today. The Swedish media reports that during the meeting with the President of Ukraine, they agreed to allow Ukrainian pilots in basic training and test flights on JAS 39 Gripen fighters.

Jonson, according to media reports, emphasized that the two countries still need to agree on some decisions before the training begins, but this can be seen as the first step for Ukraine to acquire the aircraft. However, the country’s government considers it unlikely to do so in the near future.

American media also reported that the US is about to announce a new $300 million military aid package for Ukraine. It is assumed that the new package contains the main munitions, including GMLRS guided missiles for the HIMARS installation.

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Source: korrespondent

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