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Reznikov’s adviser on events in the Belgorod region: The incident was not the last

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Events have taken place now, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine have shown that Russia is a “paper tiger”, explained Yuri Sak.

The incident in the Belgorod region was not the last instance of an uprising within Russia’s borders. This was said by the Advisor to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Yuriy Sak, writes The Guardian.

“It is quite strange for us that it took so long for Russian rebels and Russian parties to be active in terms of trying to remove the terrorist regime that is bringing death and destruction to Ukraine, that is isolating Russia at the international level. More than 200,000 Russian soldiers died. Perhaps the tipping point is approaching “, he told the British Times Radio.

The defense minister’s adviser explained that this incident happened today because the Ukrainian Armed Forces showed that Russia is a “paper tiger”.

“We have shown that Russia can and must be defeated on the battlefield. This is what we are doing in Ukraine. And we are sure that this has inspired the Russian parties and the Russian people to hope to change something and don’t want to be a part of this crime. aggression,” said Sak.

The adviser to the head of the Ministry of Defense distanced Ukraine from direct communication with the Russian parties, but said that they have similar goals.

“For me, the purpose of these actions was formed yesterday by those who made them. They said that they want to demilitarize this part of Russia. They want the war to leave their territory. And this really corresponds to our goals. Because we believe that in order for Ukraine to be safe, for Europe to be safe after we defeat Russia on the battlefield, we will all need to create some form of demilitarized zone in parts of Russia,” added Sak.

Remember, on May 22, explosions were heard in the Belgorod region of Russia. Eventually Russian volunteer corps And Legion Freedom of Russia they declared that “they are waging a liberation struggle for the overthrow of the regime and freedom for their people.”

The Office of the President said that Ukraine is not directly related to the events in the Belgorod region.

In the Russian Federation, they say that they are conducting a “cleansing” in the Belgorod region
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