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In Chechnya, at Kadyrov’s “special forces university”. The story of the special correspondent of Le Figaro.

Special Envoy in Grozny and Gudermes

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They are about twenty men in military fatigues, not very young, clustered around their Chechen instructor, a stout bearded man named Tamerlan. The “Workshop” is dedicated to basic techniques of first aid for the wounded. putting a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, taking the wounded soldier to the shelter… Not far away, the second squad, Kalashnikov assault rifle in hand, tactical movement training. Bursts scream. Another instructor yells for positions, each in turn, the shooters facing the targets while their buddies cover them. A huge gravel ground sports field is carved into the hillside. An inscription in huge letters on the mound. “Allah Akbar”.

All are volunteers to fight in Ukraine. In a few days they will be at the front – za lentou: (“behind the tape”), as the Russians say. Some have been there before and are coming back here…

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Source: Le Figaro

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