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Russia used Chinese shells – media

The United States believes that Chinese ammunition was used in Ukraine, however, it remains unclear whether the ammunition was supplied by China. Washington is ready to act if the deliveries are confirmed.

The US has evidence that Chinese munitions were used in the war against Ukraine and is suspected of having been fired by Russian troops. This was reported by the Kyodo edition, citing sources in the US government.

They note that it remains unclear whether the ammunition is supplied by China. The sources also added that Washington is ready to act if it is confirmed that the supplies are being carried out by Beijing.

At the same time, the sources of the publication do not report what type of ammunition they are talking about.

Amid many disagreements between the US and China, officials recently said Washington has intelligence indicating Beijing is considering sending arms and ammunition to Russia.

“That’s something we’re watching closely and continue to watch closely,” a US State Department spokesman said.

US authorities have notified some of their partners in confirmation of these actions, the sources said, as Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to travel to Russia soon for a three-day state visit.

During the negotiations with Jinping, US President Joe Biden warned him of serious consequences if China provided military support to the Russian Federation in its war in Ukraine.

Xi went to Putin. What proposals will China make?

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Source: korrespondent

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