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US Northeast braces for ‘epic’ cold snap

Temperatures expected to drop to -34ºC in and around Boston, | Fountain: AFP | Photographer: SCOTT OLSON

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northeast of USA is preparing for an ‘epic’ cold wave this Friday with extremely low temperatures in some areas, said meteorologists.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has warned that parts of Maine could experience icy wind minus 51 degrees Celsius.

“It is one epic arctic wave and generations,” said the NWS office in Caribou, near the Maine border with Canada.

He added that “northern and eastern Maine haven’t had similar (cold) waves since 1982 and 1988.”

“Most seasons are expected to have the least thermal sensation decades or, in some cases, the lowest ever recorded,” the NWS added.

He also warned that under such conditions, frostbite on exposed skin could occur in as little as five minutes.

“The danger of being unprepared, without shelter from the weather and without life-saving equipment cannot be overestimated. real winter”, he pointed out.

Forecasts suggest that the most extreme conditions will occur on Friday evening and Saturday morning, with warnings of thermal sensation extremely low level in most New England.

City Boston Nearby areas are expected to drop to -34°C, while New York City is expected to experience -23°C, according to the NWS.

Sunday is expected to improve.


Source: RPP

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