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The Lantern Festival in Montauban takes us to China with complete energy autonomy

The Lantern Festival in Montauban takes us to China with complete energy autonomy

A Buddhist temple door, a giant lotus flower, violet flower beds… On the occasion of the Lantern Festival, visitors will be able to explore the Yangtze River through illuminated dragons and other dinosaurs from December 1. Every evening from 18:00 to 23:00 and until February 5, 2023, the banks of Asia’s longest river will be rebuilt on the 4.7-hectare Course Foucault in Montauban, near Toulouse. The main sculpture of this fifth edition. The Yellow Crane Tower, the peak of which reaches a height of 19 meters. This gigantic lantern, like all others, promises to combine wonder with ecological responsibility.

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Emphasis was placed on a “greater energy sobriety”explains Patrice Gausserand, co-organizer of the Lantern Festival. “During the energy crisis, it was important for us not to supply the city’s electric network to the festival. We are going to use three GNR generators that meet the latest European standards: two will run at low speed all the time and one as a backup.”. In the event of a power outage, visitors will be able to continue to follow the lanterns and the installations will not strain an already strained network. This approach is in addition to the festival’s other eco-responsible measures, particularly in terms of waste management.

2,500 light fixtures and 80,000 light bulbs

Born in 2017 as part of the pairing of Gaillac and Zigong, and one of the most important lantern festivals outside of China, according to its organizers, it was first held in Blagnac last winter without being renewed in this suburban town. Due to Toulouse’s financial difficulties. For this new edition in Montauban, more than 180 tons of metal, 50,000 square meters of silk, 30,000 pieces of ceramics and 80,000 lamps were needed to make the festival’s 2,500 light sculptures. All assembled, welded and painted by a hundred craftsmen who arrived in France at the beginning of September, most of them coming from the “city of Chinese lanterns”, Qigong.

“On the banks of the Yangtze” will also be an opportunity to discover the history of Montauban. Lying on the parchment, it will also be noticeable through the rugby movements of certain lantern colors and shapes. For the agglomeration community of Grand Montauban, it was necessary to organize an event that respects the environment, “This aspect [tenant] is very much in the heart of the agglomeration community”claims the municipality of Montalban. “It took about three months to make the lanterns, says Nancy Xiang, director of Creative Workshops. Most of the materials, especially metal, can be reused.”.

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With certain lantern colors and shapes, rugby is being tweaked. infinite graphics / Lantern Festival

At the same time, visitors will be able to enjoy unique animations, such as exclusive performances by Sichuan Opera artists who can change faces up to 30 times per performance. This trick, used by only a hundred people around the world, is recognized as a national treasure of China. As for the Chinese Artisan Market at the heart of the park, it prides itself on Sichuan know-how and celebrates the region’s artisans. The best kept secret of the festival. The Qilins! Visitors will be able to discover this lucky charm at the bends of the alley. Half dragon, half lion, Qilin is made up of 60,000 glass bottles filled with colored water, hand-picked with eco-friendly materials and there to bring luck, good fortune and prosperity. What a great way to start the year!

Montauban Lantern Festival, Cours Foucault, 10th Dragons Av., 82000 Montauban. From December 1, 2022 to February 5, 2023, every day from 18:00 to 23:00. Entrance: 17 €. Entrance fee for residents of Grand Montauban: €15. Students + teenagers (11-17 years old): 13 euros.

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Source: Le Figaro

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