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Sexual harassment. first conviction after statute of limitations

My case is a precedentJeremy Garamond cheered. More than 30 years after the events, this father of the family obtained justice against the manager Jose Bruno de La Salle, who was convicted of “sexual assault on a minor under 15 years of age“. For several years, the victim, a 41-year-old father of two, claimed he had been touched for 12 to 15 years on car trips by this friend of his father’s.

He also said that he woke up one morning in the family home in 1990 to find the horse’s owner handling him. He learns the facts too late, when the twenty-year statute of limitations for sexual crimes has already passed. Then he decides to initiate civil proceedings.

No investigation, just testimony

Indeed, Article 2226 of the Civil Code provides that in the case of liability arising from sexual assault against a minor, the prescription is calculated;from loss consolidation“. That is, the starting point of the prescription is calculated from the moment of fixing the victim’s health condition.the damage has stabilized– explains his lawyer Maitre Olivier Pardo. Judges thus have a sovereign power of appreciation to assess the temporality of the prescription.

Jose Bruno de La Salle’s conviction did not require a preliminary police investigation. The only testimony of the victim was confirmed by the psychiatrist’s examination, testifying to the psychological injury. The presence of other accusations against the convicts also had weight in the court’s decision. In 2018, Gregory Piet, son of Christophe Piet, a living obstacle course legend, also filed a complaint against José Bruno de La Salle with the Paris prosecutor. She accused the then 72-year-old equestrian of sexually assaulting her when she was just 13 years old.

Today, anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault and is subject to legal and criminal liability can now file a civilWelcomed Jeremy Garamond to the BFMTV mic.

Source: Le Figaro

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