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“No baldness, no gray hair.” Air India imposes rejuvenation on its staff.

“No baldness, no gray hair.”  Air India imposes rejuvenation on its staff.

Gray hair is not allowed. Gray hair should be regularly dyed with a natural shade.This is one of the new directives included in Air India’s recently issued PNC Manual, reminds: The Hindustan Times . With these new rules, which are specifically aimed at hiding the signs of aging, the Indian national company wants to improve its service and its reputation, just months after being privatized by the Tata Group.

The document sets out other rules regarding the appearance of air hostesses and stewards. Bald men are invited to shave their heads every day to accept “cleaner look“. They are only allowed to wear wedding rings and must have a shaving kit on each flight. For women, nail polish is allowed, but its color must match the color of the lipstick. Cabin crew members are invited to respect these instructions, including when flying as a passenger to or from their home base.

Size, build, tattoo, haircut… Each airline is free to set its own rules for its crew. And more or less strict, depending on the company. A few days ago, Air France really discriminated by banning one of its flight attendants from wearing afro braids, a hairstyle also allowed for flight attendants, the Court of Cassation found. ” The requirements related to the exercise of the economist’s profession do not justify the ban “Such a haircut, and by allowing it for women but not men, the airline has really done it” treatment difference “Discriminatory,” the French Supreme Court ruled in its decision on Wednesday. While Air India is tightening its rules, others are relaxing them. So, since the summer of this year, Virgin Atlantic’s internal regulations authorize its cabin crew members to display their tattoos. Finally, low-cost easyJet seems to pay little attention to the signs of aging; to make up for staff shortages, the low-cost company has just launched a recruitment drive aimed at the over 45s… and no restrictions. Age.

Source: Le Figaro

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