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Access to the Calanque de Sugiton has been extended for five summers by reservation in Marseille

Access to the Calanque de Sugiton has been extended for five summers by reservation in Marseille

The decision to extend the access test on the small Sugiton river was unanimously adopted at the meeting of the Board of Directors, the management of the park said. As in the summer of 2022, reservations will be made online. The measure, a first for a national park in France, allowed access to one of the most beautiful coves in the Calanque Park, Sugiton, to be limited to 400 people a day during a trial weekend in June and then every day. from July 10 to August 21.

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A far cry from the 2,500 visitors who flocked there on some summer days, the overcrowding that had led to the dramatic deterioration of this fragile environment. From mid-May 2022, the park is involved in a wide communication campaign, through posters but also on social networks, to inform the public about these new reservation methods, the first in a French national park.

Two fines: 2022

It is a little early to give a clear assessment, but the environmental damage was much less and there were no problems with the acceptability of the measure.Didier Ro, chairman of the park’s board of directors, explained to AFP. So only two fines were made and the visitors’ return to their “the experiencein a less crowded place were very positive, he emphasized.

An extension of five years was recommended because the park’s scientific board believed that “this is the right length of time to see potential environmental recovery“, he explained. The duration of the event will also be extended for two weekends and Sundays in June, the whole month of July and August and two weeks in September. Attendance has really increased since the experiment ended this summer. “There are no plans to expand this system (quota) elsewhere in the parkassured the director, Sugiton is in a special situationfears irreparable damage to the environment“.

Source: Le Figaro

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