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Where and how to sue if a parent refuses to recognize his child?

Lawyer Janet Biaggi revisits this important issue | Font: PTR

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In the episode “Family and Justice”, Janet Biaggi’s family lawyer argued that the mother of a child whose father does not want to acknowledge her child should file a lawsuit in the magistrate’s court for the area where she lives or where the father lives so that the judge in charge of this special expedited a process that will be shorter than others.

The specialist pointed out that the mother must go to the judicial authority and initiate a claim for an extramarital affair and in the same process require alimony, so that both requests are resolved under this lawsuit so that the minor is not harmed in his right to a person and food. .

In the RPP, Biaggi’s lawyer pointed out that, unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, parents will not acknowledge their paternity, and then the judge will force them to bear the costs of DNA testing for a maximum of 10 days for him, the mother, and the child. father, son.

“If, after 10 days, the father does not respond to the lawsuit, the rule authorizes the judge to issue a sentence according to which he will be considered the father,” he warned in the Family and Justice space.

He also recalled that food should be provided to children until they reach the age of 28, provided that they have successfully completed higher education, but if the child has physical or mental abnormalities, there is an obligation to receive alimony for life.

He added that in case the father or mother has already died, one of the parents can sue for food or reconcile with the family so that they help the child, even if he has reached the age of majority.

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Source: RPP

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