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Cercado de Lima: 16 hours later, they rescue a worker who is trapped after a water tank falls.

Gino Ramirez Bravo was conscious the entire time. | Fountain: PTR

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After 16 hours of work, firefighters managed to save the worker alive Gino Ramirez Bravo (43), who was trapped after a heavy water tank fell during the demolition of the structure; an event that took place yesterday afternoon at a factory in the 24th block of Argentina Avenue, in Surrounded by Lima.

George Channel, The fire commander reported that the operator was “stable” and conscious. After receiving medical assistance on the spot, he was taken to the hospital. Archbishop Loais Hospital.

According to a fire department spokesman, Gino Ramirez Bravo suffered a fracture in one of his legs, but will be monitored to rule out another injury.

About a hundred firefighters and more than ten units worked from yesterday until this morning to rescue a worker from the rubble.

“It was a successful rescue. The man came out alive, despite the long duration of the emergency. (…) His condition is stable, we managed to successfully treat him,” Kanal emphasized.

saved from death

The fire department representative indicated that the structure water tankwith a capacity of about 25,000 gallons, fell very close to the cockpit where Gino Ramirez Bravo was.

The man was saved from certain death, because concrete blocks did not fall directly on him, said Jorge Canal.

“The structure falls very close to the cockpit, but not completely. There is a situation in which there is someone upstairs who takes care of us. The design falls very close, catches him; but this does not apply directly to the design of the machine, ”he said.

Source: RPP

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