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Protesters mobilized from Puente Piedra begin to arrive at Plaza 2 de Mayo.

A group of protesters moved from the Puente Piedra area. | Font: RPP news

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A group of protesters is moving from the street. A stone bridge arrived at the Cercado de Lima and joined the protesters who are concentrating on the Plaza dos de Mayo, from where they will begin their mobilization against the government Dina Boluarte and Congress.

These people occupied the entire perimeter Two May Squarewhich caused traffic congestion towards avenues Caqueta, Alfonso Ugarte, Oscar R. Benavidez and Nicolás de Pierola.

At this moment there are members National Police deployed to prevent the excesses of the protesters. The agents followed this group, which left the Puente Piedra area around noon.

These are protesters from the regions of Cusco, Puno, Arequipa and Huancavelica, who are accompanied by flags and posters with slogans in favor of postponing the general elections to this year.

At the moment, the protesters do not have a specific mobilization route. However, in previous days they had moved along Avenida Nicolás de Pierola towards Plaza San Martin and also along Avenida Alfonso Ugarte towards Paseo de los Heroes Navales.

social crisis

This new mobilization day follows those registered the day before and last Thursday, 19 January.

Protests and demonstrations against the executive power these days were concentrated in lima fence.

The demonstrators demand the resignation of President Dina Boluarte, as well as the departure of congressmen and the appointment of a general election.

The last-day protests in the capital come after weeks of demonstrations in various regions of the country, starting from the second week of December 2022.

So far, the death toll in this social crisis in the country is 57 people.

Source: RPP

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