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Developed a microscope that allows you to see through the skull

Developed a microscope that allows you to see through the skull


The device is capable of taking high-resolution 3D images of the brain’s neural network.

Korean scientists have created a holographic microscope that allows you to see into the skull and visualize the brain. New label-free deep tissue imaging with a wave correction algorithm captures the delicate neural network of a mouse brain with an intact skull, focusing light and filtering out unwanted multiple scattered light waves, writes the Institute for Basic Science.

The device is capable of taking high-resolution 3D images of the neural network in the brain of a live mouse without removing the skull. And, as you know, the skull of a mouse has the same thickness and opacity as a human fingernail.

To study the internal properties of a living organism using light, it is necessary to apply a sufficient amount of light energy to the sample and accurately measure the signal reflected from the target tissue. However, in living tissues, many scattering effects and strong aberrations often occur when light hits cells, making it difficult to obtain clear images.

In complex structures, such as living tissue, light undergoes multiple scattering, causing the photons to change direction randomly several times as they pass through the tissue. Due to this process, most of the image information carried by the light is destroyed.

But the research team was able to quantify the interaction between light and matter.

In particular, the researchers developed a method for preferentially picking out individually scattered waves, using the fact that they have similar reflection shapes even when light hits from different different angles. This is done through a complex algorithm and numerical operation that examines the eigenmode of the medium (the unique wave that transmits light energy in the medium) to find the resonant mode that maximizes the constructive interference (the interference that occurs when waves have the same.phase overlap) between the wavefronts.

Thus, the new microscope was able to focus more than 80 times more light energy on nerve fibers than before, while selectively removing unwanted signals. This made it possible to increase the ratio of singly scattered to multiply scattered waves by several orders of magnitude.

The research team went on to demonstrate this new technology by observing the mouse brain. The microscope was able to correct wavefront distortion even at depth, which was previously not possible with existing technology. Using a new microscope, it is possible to obtain a high-resolution image of the neural network of the brain of a mouse under the skull. All this was achieved in the visible region of the spectrum without removing the mouse skull and without fluorescent label.

“When we first observed the optical resonance of complex media, our work attracted a lot of attention from the scientific community. From the basic principles to the practical application of observing the neural network under the mouse skull, we opened a a new path for convergent brain imaging technology by bringing together talented people in the fields of physics, life and brain science,” said Professor KIM Moonseok and Dr. Jo Yonghen, who developed the basis of the holographic microscope.


New microscope results

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German scientists developed an ion microscope

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Source: korrespondent

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