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The Hubble telescope showed galaxies approaching their collision

Photo: esahubble.org

The galactic duo approaching their collision is located at a distance of about 465 million light years from Earth.

The Hubble Space Telescope photographed the cosmic object Arp 107, which consists of a pair of galaxies approaching a collision. This is reported by the ESA Observatory.

The large galaxy (on the left in this image) is a very energetic type of galaxy known as a Seyfert galaxy, which contains active nuclei at its core. The smaller galactic companion is connected by a larger, fragile-looking “bridge” made of dust and gas.

According to the observatory, Seyfert galaxies are remarkable because despite the enormous brightness of the active nucleus, radiation from the entire galaxy can be observed.

It is also noted that Arp 107 is part of a catalog of 338 galaxies known as the Atlas of Amazing Galaxies, compiled in 1966 by American astronomer Helton Arp.

It was previously reported that the Hubble telescope revealed a galaxy known as NGC 3156.

The Hubble telescope took a picture of a spiral galaxy in the constellation Pisces
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