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They share satellite imagery of areas affected by landslides and rainfall south of Lima.

The Peruvian space agency has shared satellite images of the southern regions of Lima affected by rains and mudflows caused by Cyclone Yacu. | Fountain: Peru Space Agency – CONIDA

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wacos And floods originated in various parts Peru due to heavy rains caused by Cyclone Yaku The areas affected by these natural disasters continue to be both in Lima and in other cities throughout the country. To draw public attention to the devastation caused by these climate events, Peru Space Agency – CONIDA shared satellite imagery of the affected areas in the south of the country.

As can be seen from the post made on his official page facebookthe institution posted images taken from the satellite PeruSAT-1 from Earth orbit are available to the public and relevant authorities. According to what is stated in the description of said post, these photos were taken on March 17 and 22, 2023 in areas south of our country.

Natural disasters seen from space

According to the publication, the first photo matches Saint Cyril Loma Negra in the region of beautiful point, which was captured on March 17. Following from Pucara pampas V Lurinalso registered on that date. Finally, two other images show San Pedro beach And Brows V chillacaptured 22 March.

In a press release published a few days ago, Peruvian Space Agency – CONIDA He mentioned that more than 50 images have been received from the satellite to date, including radar and optical products. All of this material was delivered to Defense Emergency Operations Center COE-MINDEF, National Civil Defense Institute – INDECI, National Emergency Operations Center – COEN and other institutions to make it useful in their work.

Trying to control the crisis

The above statement indicates that the satellite imagery provided Peru Space Agency – CONIDAprovide great assistance to the specialists of these institutions, since they “They help prepare for emergencies and natural disasters, as well as imminent hazards, allowing you to plan for the best response.”as he said National Civil Defense Institute – INDECI.

In addition, during such emergencies or disasters “These images contribute to the assessment of damage in the rapid assessment of intervention by central government”. The professionals interviewed also said that the images are used to “Developing Research and Research in Reactive Disaster Risk Managementleading the development of new methods for collecting information using remote sensing”..

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