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An American’s body begins to produce alcohol

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A rare disease nearly destroyed a man’s life. A reaction of fungus and yeast began to occur in his intestines.

A resident of New Jersey in the United States, Mark Mongiardo, doctors discovered “autobrewery syndrome” or intestinal fermentation syndrome. This is a rare condition in which the body produces alcohol.

The man said his symptoms first appeared in 2006. He worked as a teacher, but was forced to quit his job when colleagues began complaining that he smelled of alcohol. Even if he doesn’t drink on the job.

“I would never do that. I’m a teacher. It bothered me a lot. They just didn’t believe what I said when I said I don’t drink,” said Moniardo.

A few hours later, the police stopped the American. A test showed that his blood alcohol content was 0.18 or 0.19 ppm. So he lost everything.

“I lost everything a person could lose. I had to sell my house, I had to sell my car. I couldn’t get a job in education, I couldn’t get a job in a grocery store,” the man recalled.

This sad incident prompted the mother of an American to start looking for the reason for her son’s drunkenness at a time when he was not drinking alcohol. A woman stumbles across the Internet on “autobrewery syndrome”.

So, the man turned to a gastroenterologist who specializes in the treatment of intestinal fermentation syndrome.

The medical facility took cultures from Moniardo’s intestines, tested for blood alcohol and confirmed the diagnosis.

“I started crying hysterically because I felt like I had found the answer,” Moniardo said.

According to doctors, this syndrome is caused by antibiotics that destroy the intestinal microflora and allow fungi and yeast to react. And when a person with this disease consumes carbohydrates or sugar, the alcohol is digested in the intestines.

Doctors recommend that people with this syndrome follow a strict no-carbohydrate diet for the first six weeks and then a low-carbohydrate diet for the following months. It helps to lower the level of antifungal drugs.

It will be remembered that an American woman who does not drink alcohol always drunk because of a rare disease.

The man’s body begins to make its own alcohol

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