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Two pilots were left without work due to a photo that went viral on social networks

The pilots’ snack raised concern for the safety of the passengers. | Fountain: Twitter / Mohan Ranganathan

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Two pilots in India have been suspended after a photo of their behavior, thought to be dangerous, went viral.

According to reports, Mohan Ranganathan shared a photo taken in the cockpit of the SpiceJet airline.

In the photo, pilots can be seen eating samosa, a popular type of empanada in India, but the presence of a hot drink, which can be tea or coffee, near the controls on the central pedestal of the aircraft is most alarming.

Criminal act?

“The central pedestal is not a table. Even with slight turbulence, coffee can get into electronic components and damage systems. This is a criminal act,” Ranganathan said.

CNN spoke to Shakti Loomba, a retired pilot and former operations manager for IndiGO, who called the photo “immature” and “undesirable.”

“It was completely inexplicable behavior. All pilots are aware of the damage that a liquid spill in the cockpit can cause,” he said.

This was announced by the representative of SpiceJet. CNN that both pilots were written off pending an investigation.

Source: RPP

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