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Leaving China: Apple and Foxconn bid on India for new iPhone factory

Apple to build part of its iPhone offering in India | Fountain: PTR

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Foxconn, the Taiwanese iPhone maker for Apple, will open a new plant in India, authorities said on Friday in another move by the US firm in its strategy to diversify production outside of China. The bulk of smartphone production in Mansana It is located in China, but the strict anti-COVID policy of recent years and tensions with the US have cast doubt on this model.

“Soon there will be phones from Mansana in the state,” Karnataka Prime Minister Basavaraj S. Bommai tweeted on Friday. added.

According to local press reports, Foxconn Chairman Yang Liu visited Bangalore on Friday after meeting this week with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Our talks covered a variety of topics and focused on strengthening India’s tech and innovation ecosystem,” Modi tweeted on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Liu signed an agreement to set up electronics factories that will create 100,000 jobs in the neighboring state of Telangana. Mansana and Foxconn did not respond to questions from AFP.

Foxconn, the world’s largest iPhone manufacturer, has been working on Mansana in India, at its factory located in Tamil Nadu. Two other Taiwanese companies, Wistron and Pegatron, also manufacture and assemble Mansana in India. Mansana announced last September that it would be manufacturing its new iPhone 14 in India.

Despite all this, India currently represents less than 5% of the production chain. Mansanaaccording to Bloomberg, it is behind the US, China, Japan and five other countries.

Apple: another billion euros in its technology center in Germany

American giant Mansana announced on Thursday that it plans to invest 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) over the next few years in its chip development center in the German city of Munich. This measure, which will be in place for the next six years, follows a previous commitment of €1,000 million in 2021 when Mansana made Munich the headquarters of its new European “Silicon Design Center”, according to the group.

This expansion in Germany is part of a global strategy Mansana increasingly developing their own chips for their iPhones, MacBooks, iPads and other devices. These research and development centers dedicated to processors Mansana Silicon, which are part of the group’s devices, were opened at the end of 2022 and are the “largest engineering center” of the group in Europe.

This new investment package will be used, among other things, to open more labs and spaces that will enable “an even closer collaboration between our over 2,000 engineers in Bavaria”, according to Mansana. The American giant has been based in Munich since 1981 and currently has more than 4,500 employees in Germany, mostly in the south of the country, involved in semiconductor development.

The Bavarian capital is already home to other headquarters of industrial heavyweights such as Siemens or BMW and is becoming one of the pillars of technological innovation in Europe.

According to AFP

Source: RPP

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