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NASA found that the Chinese rover, which was going to explore Mars, did not move for months

Jurong on Mars, taken by HiRISE. | Fountain: HiRISE

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New images released by NASA reveal the status of China’s rover Zhurongwho explores Mars from May 2021.

Well, apparently you haven’t studied anything lately.

Chinese rover not moving on Mars

Zhurong it went into hibernation last year but is expected to resume exploration in December. However, camera images HiRISE on board Martian Reconnaissance Orbiter show that he hasn’t moved yet.

Three photos published on the HiRISE page on February 21, 2023 Zhurong V Mars.

The first corresponds to March 2022 and shows Zhurong in a different location than the other two photographs taken in September 2022 and February 2023, where it remains in the same location.

Three images depicting Jurong.
Three images depicting Jurong. | Fountain: POT

Even in the photo from February 2023, you can see that the rover is gathering dust.

Mission China V Mars seems to be in trouble. Zhurong it went into hibernation in May 2022 to avoid winter on the red planet and was supposed to automatically resume its research in December 2022.

In January of this year, an anonymous source said South China Morning Post that Chinese scientists can’t wake up the rover.

Jurong took this selfie on Mars in 2021.
Jurong took this selfie on Mars in 2021. | Fountain: CNSA

Source: RPP

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