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Astronomers confirm 12 new moons of Jupiter: now there are 92

Jupiter has completely reached 92 moons. | Fountain: POT

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Astronomers from the Minor Planet Center of the International Astronomical Union have confirmed the discovery of 12 new moon For Jupiter.

The stars were discovered using telescopes in Hawaii and Chile in 2021 and 2022, yielding a total of 92 stars. moon for a planet in the solar system.

New moons, new research

these new moon they have a diameter of 1 to 3 kilometers, and because of this, only half of them failed to get a name: they are not large enough.

“Hopefully we can get a close-up of one of them. moon appearance in the near future to better determine their origins,” said Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution, who was part of the team.

In April, the European Space Agency will send a spacecraft to Jupiter explore the planet and some of its largest icy satellites. And next year, NASA will launch the Europa Clipper to explore the Europa Clipper satellite with Jupiterwhich could hide the ocean under its icy crust.

solar system satellites

Theories about moon of these plans is that they are fragments of larger moons colliding with each other, or comets and asteroids that fell under the influence of the gravity of these stars.

Jupiter is the leader moon, followed by Saturn with 83 confirmed. Uranus is 27 years old. moon confirmed; Neptune, 14; Mars, two, and Earth, one. Venus and Mercury do not have them.

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