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Google wants to surpass ChatGPT: it creates artificial intelligence that converts text into music

The tool is not yet available to all users. | Font: Photo by Kai Wenzel on Unsplash

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Google feels threatened by the great popularity ChatGPTService artificial intelligence companies Open AI. For this reason, he is promoting new tools that can handle this in cyberspace, and he already has a candidate for it.

Considering this, Google announced MusicLM, an artificial intelligence that allows the creation of high-quality music from lyrics, a game feature that has generated interest but has yet to be released to the public. Why?

Artificial intelligence according to Google

According to what is known artificial intelligence can create songs that make sense with lyrics written by the user.

To do this, they were trained with data from 280,000 hours of music based on melodies, whistling, humming, singing or playing an instrument.

“Wow, this is more than ChatGPT for me. I would say that Google has almost solved the problem of creating music,” says Keunwu Choi, AI scientist at Gaudio Lab.


The question is what artificial intelligence may violate copyright laws.

In one experiment, researchers found that one percent of the music played by the system directly copied the songs it was trained on.

This figure is high enough that the company hesitated to launch MusicLM in its current form, noted the report TechCrunch.

The researchers highlighted the need for further efforts to address these dangers associated with music production and highlighted the risk of potential misappropriation of creative content associated with the use case.

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