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The Minister of Culture states that “a legislative draft aimed at controlling the content of broadcasting is under consideration.”

Minister Urteaga talks about the project promoted by Congressman Alex Flores | Fountain: Composition of the RPP

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Minister of Culture, Leslie Urteaga, As part of the re-opening of the “Place of Remembrance, Tolerance and Social Inclusion” (LUM), held today, Saturday, he spoke about the opinion of the Congress, which seeks to interfere with the content of the media.

For this reason, the owner minkul pointed out that the executive branch still does not have a final position on this bill.

“The point is not that the executive branch has a position to the letter, no position. You have to review it, you have to have a dialogue, you have to see if that 10% is being followed, which is now being regulated. We also have to listen to the musicians, to the society,” he said.

As you know, the legislative initiative, the author of which is a parliamentarian Alex Flores requires that 40% of daily broadcast content be dedicated to “the dissemination of folklore, national music and series or programs related to Peruvian history, literature, culture or national reality”.

Because of this, the minister Urteaga He emphasized that “this is a project coming from the Legislative Assembly”, which is being evaluated by his sector and about which “we should talk.”

“We think what exactly we should say, we should work on it. This is a project that is under evaluation. It is not yet known whether it will be discussed sooner or later in Congress (…), but we are ready to share the backstory,” he said.

“The executive branch’s proposal is to increase”

However, yesterday the Minister of Culture, in dialogue with RPP newssaid that the executive branch already has a position in favor of increasing the national production quota by 10%, which exists in the media.

“Proposal of the Executive increase. In that, we agree. From there, debates are born,” he said in Rotating air.

“From the Executive We agree with its increase. We are the only country in the region with such a low share of 10%. Our musicians, our Peruvian creators need this increase,” he stressed.

In addition, with regard to said increase, Minister Urteaga added that “whether it be 20%, 30%, daily or weekly, we can discuss it” and that the discussion of the project will take place in the plenary session of the Congress.

Michel Seyer: “This is an impossible and anti-technical project”

President of the National Radio and Television Society, Michelle Sayer, believe that the legislative initiative interferes content of the media and thereby violates the democratic freedoms enshrined in the Constitution.

“What is intended check private media (…) This is a control, state project. I don’t understand a bill of this magnitude in a democratic country where there is freedom of business, speech and information,” he said.

Similarly, he felt that the goal he points out regarding the “promotion and dissemination of national music” is false.

“This is a lie, because in fact this is a quota of daily content for private media in the time interval from 5 am to midnight, from content what they want,” he said.

From my side, Minister of Culture said today that he discussed the project with Michelle Sayer and that he told him “the same thing” that he told the media about it.

Source: RPP

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