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Migration crisis in Tacna: 12 observation posts with mobile patrols set up at the border

Minister Jorge Chavez Cross said that 196 soldiers are stationed along 12.5 kilometers of the border at 12 critical points in the area. | Fountain: PTR | Photographer: Andean

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Defense Minister Jorge Chávez Crossa detailed the work that the Armed Forces will carry out in the border area with Chile, where hundreds of migrants have been trying to enter the country illegally over the past 16 days.

In this sense, he said that the members Army And air force strengthen the control and surveillance work carried out by the National Police at the Tacna border crossing and Arica.

For this, he pointed out, 196 military personnel were deployed along 12.5 km of the border at 12 critical points in the region.

“We have set up 12 observation posts with mobile patrols to ensure critical points where illegal and illegal entry of migrant citizens has been recorded,” he said in a special issue. Saturday Focus .

He also believed that Armed forces They will act in such a way that the security maps and rules between bordering countries are respected, which is to act at a distance of 100 meters from the border line in the opposite direction.

The situation of migrants in Tacna

Considering the situation of some foreign citizens who, having no money to rent a room in the city of Tacna, live in tents set up on the streets and squares of the city, the Minister Jorge Chavez Cross He noted that his portfolio is coordinated with representatives of international organizations such as UNHCR And Red Cross to help and resettle these people.

“They will be taken to hotels, hostels or places designated for shelters that will not be provided by local or regional authorities,” he said.

“We are taking action as part of the humanitarian assistance that can be provided while this migration crisis lasts,” he added.

Strict immigration controls needed

Holder Protection confirmed that “the actions and decisions taken by the neighboring country affect us” because of the hundreds of undocumented migrants who left Chile before the tightening of their migration controls and that today they seek to enter Peru irregularly in order to continue his journey to his countries of origin as Ecuador, Colombia or Venezuela.

However, until they have their papers in order, they will not be able to enter Peru, as it is not possible to check whether they have police records.

“We are in a very critical situation that violates national security and defense. We, as a state, have an obligation to protect our citizens,” he said.

He also said that the country is being influenced by criminal organizations “which are mostly made up of foreign nationals” and that “we must take some action to protect our country and citizens.”

Source: RPP

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