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Alberto Otarola announced that over 40,000 soldiers would be associated with the SIS.

The Prime Minister stressed that the inclusion of soldiers in the SIS is recognition by the government of Dina Boluarte of the “high value and contribution” of the military. | Fountain: Andean

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More 40,000 soldiers They will be linked to Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS) in order to have access to all services and care provided coating. This was announced this Saturday by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, Alberto Otarola, after an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. Council of Ministers.

From the Government Palace, he explained that this measure was due to the fact that in recent months the movement of members Armed forces it is more permanent to focus on the emergency caused by heavy rains and the protection of the country’s border crossings.

“With regard to the permanent employment and movement of our Armed Forces, a decision has been made to insure SIS for all military personnel and military personnel undergoing voluntary military service,” he told the media.

Alberto Otarola emphasized that the inclusion of soldiers in SIS is a recognition Government of Dina Boluarte “for high value and contribution” military personnel.

What does the SIS cover consist of?

SIS coverage, as explained on its own portal, includes medications, tests, surgeries, hospitalization, emergency transportation, as well as a death benefit of up to S$1,000.

In total, this insurance covers more than 1400 diseases, the most common types of cancer, costly diseases and rare or orphan diseases.

Source: RPP

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