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Pedro Castillo: Efficient Officer Confirms Links Between Former President and El Espanyol to Create an Intelligence Service

Former president serving pre-trial detention after failed 7 December coup | Fountain: Andean

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Former President Pedro Castillo and Jorge Hernandez Fernandez “The Spaniard” they would make several arrangements to set up a parallel intelligence service to attack their political opponents. This was stated by the Sunday newspaper “Panorama” when accessing audio and video to check these links.

According to the report, an effective officer revealed that the ex-president secretly met with a retired officer from the Office of Naval Intelligence, Carlos Barba Dazaafter public activity, offer him the DINI leadership with the aim of discrediting all the information disseminated National Attorney.

The note mentions that Beard initially rejected the offer, but Pedro Castillo he insisted and told him about the possibility of parallel reconnaissance. To do this, he had to meet with El Espanyol.

Sunday aired a video dated Tuesday, September 13, 2022, showing El Espanyol arriving at the dining room to speak with daza beard at the suggestion of the former president.

The effective employee claimed that the former president sought, with the help of this intelligence group, to discredit all information that could interfere with the lawsuits he faced.

Everything said by an effective employee is confirmed in chats, audio and video, as well as in the prosecutor’s office and in Special Police Unit They managed to verify the veracity of their version.

This week, a Special Unit of the National Police and Prosecutor’s Office carried out an operation in seven homes of individuals associated with former President Pedro Castillo as part of an investigation into the alleged crime of a criminal organization.

In one of the homes raided, authorities had previously arrested businessman Jorge Ernesto Hernandez Fernandez, nicknamed “El Espanyol” or “Jorge”. According to the tax filing, the unsub was tasked with recruiting hit men to assassinate the National Attorney. Patricia BenavidezColonel PNP Harvey Quilted and prosecutor Marita Barretothese last two lead the teams in charge of investigating Castillo Terrones’ personal circle.

Recently Congressman Fujimori Luis Cordero John Tay was removed from office. Parliamentary Intelligence Committee after contacting El Español.

Preliminary conclusion – “on a political issue”

Eduardo Pachas, Pedro Castillo’s lawyer, assured that after 36 months of preventive detention, no offense of sedition or abuse of power had been committed against the former president, and asked if the President of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otarolaexerted political pressure on his client.

“Judge Checkley gave 36 months on the following grounds that came from Congress, the prosecutor repeated this, and now the judge has given 36 months to the perpetrator that Mr. Castillo Terrones is an accomplice of the conspirator. author? Unknown. Under Peruvian law, if you don’t know who the author is, you can’t be an accomplice in anything.” no turns from RPP news.

Source: RPP

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